Compressed Natural Gas

Fuel For Less

  • Convenience

  • Savings

  • Fast

Get in control of rising energy expenses. Compressed natural gas (CNG) costs less than diesel or gasoline – you’ll see savings the first day you make the switch. Ultimate CNG makes converting to CNG a cinch with no upfront infrastructure investment. How? We’re a one-stop-shop that offers an innovative mobile CNG fueling service that delivers convenient, fast-fill CNG fuel at Your site, into Your vehicles, on Your schedule.

We can and will save you money. Talk to us today.


The FuelMule


The FuelMule, our mobile, self-contained CNG station, delivers fuel on-site up to $0.60 - $1.20 per gallon less than diesel, without even counting your costs for having your drivers track down fuel for each vehicle each day. This can add up to savings of $6,000-10,000 per vehicle each year.


Our compressed natural gas technology fuels your vehicles fast and full, making investment in on-the-ground infrastructure for your fleet unnecessary. One FuelMule is equipped to fill 35-50 vehicles each time it enters your Fleet location.


Introduce CNG trucks to your fleet without investing in proprietary fueling infrastructure or signing maintenance contracts for unnecessary on-the-ground infrastucture.

The Back-Up Protection Plan

Build A Protection Plan for your Station and for your Fleet

Why not avoid the stress of unplanned Station down-time? You have enough to worry about – let us take care of your fleet and fueling needs when unforeseen events can disrupt daily vehicle fueling. The Ultimate CNG Back-Up Protection Plan can help:

  • Immediate access to The FuelMule
  • Zero down-time to keep your business running
  • Minimal stress during unplanned Station outage

Focusing on your customers and protecting your company has never been easier when we focus Your Back-Up Protection. Insure that your customers always receive your product on time and as-promised. Don’t take unnecessary risks; Call Ultimate CNG today to get more details on how we can help.


Clean Natural Gas

At last technology has caught up with the need for making Clean Natural Gas an affordable and realistic fueling option — no longer must you choose between the convenience of diesel and the benefits of clean Natural gas. Learn about the benefits of CNG.