FuelMule: Fast-fill CNG

Keeps Your Fleet Moving

No Capital Investment

Interested in CNG but not in securing capital for new infrastructure? The FuelMule, our mobile, self-contained CNG station, delivers fuel at Your Site, into Your vehicles, on Your schedule. We do this so you can invest in more important aspects of your business. No investment, No personnel, No Infrastructure required. Just Fast and Full Fills into every vehicle, every time.

Save Time

The FuelMule guarantees an on-site, fast-fill fuel delivery to boost your productivity. Avoid battling traffic problems and the long CNG lines that can sometimes occur by scheduling fuel deliveries that come directly to you at Your Site and on Your schedule.

Save Money

A FuelMule delivery can cost between $0.60 - $1.20 per gallon less than diesel fuel. What’s more, the U.S. Energy Information Agency reports that natural gas is expected to cost 50% less than diesel by 2035. That the “green” competitive edge you need.

How it Works

Innovation that Revolutionizes CNG Fueling

The FuelMule is a self-contained, mobile, fast-fill fueling station that is equipped with an Ariel compressor capable of delivering 6-8 GGE per minute of CNG at 3,600 PSI - that’s how we get you up and running fast. Our on-board storage capacity is more than 600 GGE, deliverable at 3,600 PSI using light-weight Type 3 NGV-2 Tanks) – that’s how we can service your entire fleet. One FuelMule can fill 35-50 trucks. Separate electronic metering for 2 trucks filling simultaneously – that’s how we make it easy.

Sign Up

Our FuelMule service is available for our private fleet and municipal government fleet customers operating throughout the entire United States.

Price Comparison

Build A No-Maintenance CNG Fleet Without Upfront Costs

Predicted prices (per million BTU’s) of electricity, diesel fuel and natural gas from present until 2035.
Data source: Clean Vehicle Education Foundation Bulletin, Sept. 2010.